Prices start from:


  • 1 Cat in a Pen: £15 per day
  • 2 Cats in a Pen: £20 per day (sharing)
  • 3 Cats in a Pen: £25 per day (sharing or more)


    • 1 Dog: £22.50 per day
    • 2 Dogs: £32.50 per day (sharing)
    • 3 Dogs: £42.50 per day (sharing)
    • 4 Dogs: £52.50 per day (sharing)
    • Day Boarding: £15 per day

Small animals in a cat pen: £10.00

2 Small animals in a cat pen: £10.00

All prices include VAT. Collection before 11am on check-out date will not include charges for that day. Prices are dependent on the amount of kennels/pens used, therefore animals from the same household who are in separate accommodation will be charged separately. 

Prices include: Food, Water, bowls, Bed, Bedding, Toys, Walk and Daily cleaning.

Additional Services:

Microchipping – Microchipping is available for cats, dogs, rabbits and other furries. When your pet is with us why not take advantage of our microchipping service. When you return your pet is chipped and registered for life. Only £15.

Extra Walks – £7.50 for 30 minutes

Collection/Delivery – Fees start from £15.00

Grooming by Allicutz – Private appointment / Groom during your stay

We can arrange to have your dog groomed and trimmed to your requirements ready for your return. Call Lindrick Kennels 01909 475 825 or contact Allison direct on 07949 190 964.

Bath & Blow dry / Full Grooms & Cuts – Prices vary depending on the size, coat and time taken with the dog

Nail Clipping – £5 charge (Included with full groom)

Recommended Dog Food – Food Sale (Hypoallergenic) per bag:

Lindrick Well Beloved (chicken, Garlic and herbs) – £30.00

Salmon and Sweet Potato (Grain free) for weight preservation – £35.00

Salmon and Rice (sensitive) for joint care including antioxidants to prevent upset stomachs. – £30